Certificate in TALLY ERP 9.0 with GST


Duration: 03 Months

Module I - TALLY ERP-9

 Basic concepts of tally
 Terminology of accounting-trade, profession, business, owner, capital, drawing, goods, purchase, sales purchase return, sale return
 Terminology of accounting-stoke ,creditor ,debtor ,liabilities ,assets, expense
 Terminology of accounting-revenue ,income ,discount ,bad ,debts ,transaction voucher
 Meaning of accounting ,classification of account & rules of accounting
 Ledgers Creation
 Create Multiple Ledger, Display, Alter & Delete
 Inventory Creation
 Meaning of journal ,format of journal
 Steps to create, alter, delete company
 Accounting features - (create / alter / delete) ledgers
 Inventory features (create / alter /delete items in group)
 Steps for sales / purchase, Steps for discount in sales / purchase
 Steps for sales order / purchase order
 Steps for debit note / credit note
 Steps for value added tax (vat) in sales / purchase
 Steps for value added tax (vat) in sales return / purchase return
 Steps for tax deducted at source (TDS)
 Steps for tax collected at source (TCS)
 Steps for central sales tax (CST)
 Steps for service tax (ST)
 Steps for fringe benefit tax (FBT)
 Steps for bank reconciliation
 What Is Day Book, Add Voucher, Remove & Restore Any Entry Etc.
 Trial Balance, Use Security Control For Add, Change & Remove Password
 Backup & Restore, Tally Vault Password, Godowns Creation, use Of Calculator
 Balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Ratio Analysis
 Introduction of GST
 How To Create A Company & Do Purchase/Sales Entry In Tally.ERP 9 For GST
 Doing Multiple Tax Rate Entries & Tax Payment In Tally.ERP 9 For GST Purpose
 GST Entry Of Reverse Charge On Purchase From Unregistered Dealer
 Learn About Tax Rate Hierarchy - Order In Which Tally Calculates Tax
 Using GST Classification For HSN / SAC Codes